Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Training Modules

Trainings Offered In-Person or Remotely

Implicit or Unconscious Bias Training

This profoundly important training is the foundation of how to develop successful diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Understanding how we as human beings unconsciously develop our biases and how we question and counteract these biases can make all the difference in our workplace relationships and leadership development. 

Inclusive Recruitment & Hiring Practices

This training is particularly important if companies want to have more diverse and robust applicant pools. While many hiring and recruitment trainings focus on what NOT to ask during interviews, it is vital to know what questions to ask when determining if an individual would advance your organizational mission, vision and values. 

Navigating Challenging Conversations

This interactive training focuses on taking on the more difficult or controversial issues that can come up in the workplace and and navigate them with thoughtfulness and dignity to avoid creating a divide.

Visionary Leadership/Management Training

At RE-ENVISION Consulting we have created a unique approach to developing management and leadership skills.  The approach uses the organization’s vision for success as a tool for creating a workplace atmosphere where leaders are engaged and view themselves as part of the overall mission for success.

Bystander/Allied Intervention Training

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are watching someone get disrespected but you are not sure how to make it stop? This training is focused on developing respectful ways to disrupt such scenarios and become a more supportive colleague. 

Facilitation Workshops

Whether your company is developing a strategic plan or your determining how to brainstorm and prioritize organizational initiatives, we can help facilitate the process using tried and true facilitative leadership methods. 

Data Systems Collection & Analysis

One of the most challenging aspects of DEIB initiatives is first determining where the organizational weaknesses are that need to be addressed. Whether the issue is recruitment or retention, effective data collection and analysis can help determine where the primary focus of your resources should be.  This training focuses on the organization’s employee life cycle to determine strengths and weaknesses that may be hindering overall effectiveness and growth.